MagicVisionTV IPTV Receiver MVTVHD535N

The Magic Vision TV receiver is an IPTV box using the latest high-tech technology allowing the user by connecting the device to the TV vial HDMI cable or AV Cable and connect the device to the Internet via Ethernet cable or built-in WiFi to watch Live TV channels from around the world without the need to have a satellite dish.

The full size remote control that comes with the receiver allow you to control everything you want while watching the channels via the Magic Vision TV, you can switch between the channels, control the Volume and other settings of the TV.

With Magic Vision TV you can access YouTube directly from the device and watch the videos you want on your big screen TV, no matter if you have smart TV or not you have full access to YouTube and YouTube VOD.

If you cannot find the program you find on any of the channels, you can browse the VOD movies available via the receiver and watch the movie you like.

That is not all, with Magic Vision TV receiver you can watch your own Media Files, watch your pictures or videos you have on an external USB, by simply plug in the USB to the device directly and you are good to go, now you can watch your media on your TV.


    Price :$299.99
   Discount Price :$249.99

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